New and Now With Tile Premium - We'll reimburse you up to $100!

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New and Now With Tile Premium - We'll reimburse you up to $100!

Tile trackers like the Tile Pro and Tile Slim can help you keep track of all of your everyday items and precious possessions, from keys and wallets to tablets and toys. But what happens when they’re lost and can’t be found? To help you truly make the most of Tile trackers to find your lost items, we now offer our Item Reimbursement benefit with standard Tile Premium - up to $100! If you’d prefer more peace of mind, check out our Premium Protect services. Read on to find out what's included with Tile Premium and how the service has been improved for 2021.

What is offered with Tile Premium? 

Tile Premium members get a long list of advantages, from Smart Alerts to Free Battery Replacements and lost Item Reimbursements. Here's a full list and explanation of everything you’ll get when you become a Tile Premium member:

  • Smart Alerts - With Tile Premium, you'll get automatic smart alerts to let you know if you leave a Tiled item behind. For example, if you're just getting ready to leave the office after a long working day and accidentally forget your keys, Tile will issue a simple smart alert on your phone and let you know to head back inside, saving you a whole lot of time and hassle.

  • Item Reimbursement - If you lose something and we can’t locate it, Tile will reimburse you for the item. You are eligible for up to $100 in reimbursement with Premium, or up to $1,000 if you upgrade to Premium Protect. 

  • Free Battery Replacements - Tile batteries can last several years without any issues, but they'll run out eventually. If you're a Tile Premium member, you won't need to worry when that happens. We'll provide you with free battery replacements automatically as soon as the old ones are due to expire, getting you back to finding right away without any unnecessary delay.

  • Worry-Free Warranty - Tile Premium members also get our Worry-Free Warranty across the full Tile range. This gives you even more protection and coverage on your Tile trackers, and receiving replacement Tiles in the event of accidental damage or any manufacturing defects.

  • Unlimited Sharing - With the Unlimited Sharing feature, you can securely share your Tile with whoever you like, giving your friends and family the benefits of Tile technology. You can share Tiles via email or link in a matter of seconds. This is perfect for busy homes and big families, allowing loved ones to help each other to find your lost items.

  • 30 Day Location History - Another fun feature that comes with Tile Premium membership is 30 day Location History. See an extended history of your Tile’s locations for the past 30 days, allowing you to retrace your steps and find items that may have been lost a little while ago in places outside the usual Bluetooth range.

  • Premium Customer Support - Premium subscribers also have access to an exclusive Premium customer support line. You can contact the Support Team via text as a Premium subscriber, getting instant help and guidance whenever you need it, 7 days a week.

What’s new with Tile Premium?

We've upgraded the standard service offering to include up to $100 of Item Reimbursement if your items get lost and can't be found with Tile trackers and the Tile Network. We're so confident in the power of Tile technology, that we'll happily reimburse you for your registered items that Tile can't find.

As well as additional peace of mind in the form of Item Reimbursement, Tile Premium now offers our Worry-Free Warranty, allowing you to receive replacements for any Tile’s you own that are accidentally damaged or have a manufacturing issue.. It doesn't matter how the accidental damage happened, we'll replace your Tile trackers with no questions asked.

With these new additions, Tile Premium offers even more protection and care for every member, and it costs just $29.99 per year. Plus, you can try for free for 30 days to see how the service works before becoming a paid member.

How can I get additional protection?

If you're planning to use Tile trackers and technology to protect your more expensive and precious items, you may want an extra layer of protection for your own peace of mind. This is where our Premium Protect service comes into play. 

Think of Tile Premium Protect as the next level of Tile Premium. It includes all of the features and benefits from our Premium service, along with one very important extra: Item Reimbursement up to $1,000. So, if Tile can't track down your lost items, we'll reimburse you for the item’s cost up to $1,000. 

Premium Protect costs just $99.99 per year, which is only $8.33 a month, and new customers can try the service for free for 30 days before committing to an annual plan.